2006 suzuki escudo
2006 suzuki escudo
2006 suzuki escudo
2006 suzuki escudo
2006 suzuki escudo
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2006 Suzuki Escudo dust leak through transmission shifter unit problems

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Date:October 24, 2022, 5:09 am
Name:Alex maina
Location:Kenya, Rongai, Rongai
Vehicle:Suzuki Escudo
General comments:The dust leak seems easy to fix coz it filters through what I possibly think are small openings that can be sealed with an aftermarket improvised sealer.
Problems:Every time I'm on gravel or earth roads the car let's in dust through the transmission shifter unit. It's clearly a design oversight coz this is a car meant & designed for offroading. Very irritating In an otherwise superb SUV coz it forces one to roll down the windows yet your trying to protecting yourself inside from the dust wake in off-road scenarios.

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