2018 Suzuki Cultus rpm idling and down problems

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Date:September 7, 2022, 11:19 pm
Location:Pakistan, Punjab, Lahore
Vehicle:Suzuki Cultus
Problems:I've Suzuki cultus vxr 2018. It has two problems. I don't know what's the technical names of the problems, however the problem starts during the driving.
First problem is that the Rpm starts fluctuating continuesly. Rmp goes up to 20 in the meter, then come down to 15, then up again to 20 and it's repeats continuesly. When I push the race paddle then nothing happens, the race paddle stop working during this. However when I turn off the car and start it again then the car start working fine again. However after sometime it repeats the same problem again.
2nd issue in the car is that when I push the brake in rushy areas then Rpm goes down and car turns off.
Both problems are not happens always. Sometimes car working fine and sometime it repeats one or two of the problems.
Can anyone let me know a good mechanic in Lahore who can solve the issues?
I already visited a lot of mechanics, they charged their fees by doing some tuning etc but the problems didn't solve.
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