Cultus 2008 vxl rpm go high while changing gear upward problems

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Date:December 14, 2016, 10:01 am
Name:Rehan Khurshid
Location:Pakistan, KPK, Kohat
Vehicle:Suzuki Cultus
Problems:I have problem in my cultus 2008 vxl from last 2 month.
1) Intially its rpm go to high (4000 to 7000)in morning as I start it or When car was cool. After get warm or rest of the day it work ok.

2) mostly while pressing clutch and changing gear upward from 2nd to 3rd, its rpm automatically go to 4000 mostly, some times (4000 upto 7000).

3) Or some time when I stop for turning or getting over speed breaker its rpm behave same as said above. I mean in idling.

Remedies which I did

After condition number 1, I cleaned its throatal body and done its air seal leak (gasket leak) between throatal body and inlet maniufold. I had again install its own thermostat valve which i had removed because of water bottle boiling in summer. But come to condition number 2 and 3. And rest of the day it works fine when car is warm enough. But know in starting it cannot go to high rpm as it was before.
This problem is complex to define because you cannot relate to some specific issue but I observe the rpm get high when car is cold.
Some people say its IAC valve cannot work but rest of the day it works ok.
Plz help in this regard
Rehan Khurshid
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