1996 toyota sprinter carib
1996 toyota sprinter carib
1996 toyota sprinter carib
1996 toyota sprinter carib
1996 toyota sprinter carib
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1996 Toyota Sprinter Carib engine need upholding problems in Sudan

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Date:October 18, 2010, 1:59 pm
Name:Patrick Lokang Omal
Location:sudan, upper nile, malakal
Vehicle:Toyota Sprinter Carib
General comments:i treid to change the engine but the problem still
Problems:the car is heating so much
Previous car:toyota

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August 13, 2011, 7:06 pm  from: alan
hi Patrick , heating can be caused by a few things on your car,i will list a few things for you to check first nowing the results of those will help find the problem if one of the checks does not solve it.
1)do you have to add water often if you do check for leakage or wear of radiator cap.
2)does your fan come on at the right temp.not allowing the temp guage to go over half if not check the fan is working and the temp sensor responsible for opening the fan is ok.
3)in your engine block where the bottom hose from the radiator is connected there is a thermostat that tends to jam in hot countries after a while remove it. in sudan that should be fine.
4)but most important seeing that you say you changed the engine and it still happens get your radiator cleanedand check the fan is working ok .
please note that if you ever had any wiring done related to the fan make sure the fan is pulling air from outside toward the engine. if it pulls outward you will have to change the polrity. hope this helps good luck
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