1996 subaru outback
1996 subaru outback
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1996 Subaru Outback engine cooling problems

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Date:April 11, 2010, 7:02 am
Name:richard walshe
Location:New Zealand, Canterbury, Christchurch
Vehicle:Subaru Outback
General comments:We are thinkig there is a problem with the themostat.
We first thought of the head leaking but this does not seem conclusive It does not gas alot from the radiator.
Does this sound like agood asumption.
By the way where is the thermostat Do you access it from the bottom radiator hose.

Problems:On a trip to Wanaka the engine got hot .It had not been driven hard .After a short stop with engine running temperature returned to normal.As I was well out in the sticks I carried on .
After about 50 miles the problem returned .this time it took longer for the temperature to come down.
The temp did come down and I was able to get home
but I had to top up the water several times .
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July 4, 2010, 10:05 pm  from: gilbert
If there is no radiator or hose pipe leaks, then the radiator fan should be failing and needs to be changed. try and check the torque for the fan, might be running but not at required air force rate.
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