1998 subaru forester
1998 subaru forester
1998 subaru forester
1998 subaru forester
1998 subaru forester
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1998 Subaru Forester broken right hand exhaust timing pulley problems

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Date:April 15, 2010, 5:16 pm
Name:JDS Monjeza
Location:Malawi, Zomba
Vehicle:Subaru Forester
General comments:In Malawi, I was amongst the first people to own a Forester. Now they have started flocking in. This vehicle is Marvellous in all circle ie perfomance and confort. The condition of roads in Malawi are those of typical african type, where a large percentage are earth roads. Where roads are paved the surface is not all that smooth.The big challenge we are facing is that of sourcing replacement parts. The so called dealer of subaru vehicles is not all that reliable in our country. Assist me on how I can be accessing the spares. ie where I can directly be ordering and sent by either FedEx or DHL
Problems:The timing pulley broke (disintergrate) just about 50 seconds after switching on the engine.
Previous car:I have had several, but subaru is better
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