2003 ssang yong korando
2003 ssang yong korando
2003 ssang yong korando
2003 ssang yong korando
2003 ssang yong korando
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2003 Ssang YONG Korando no power problems

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Date:March 3, 2011, 10:19 am
Name:P Devaney
Location:United Kingdom, Derby, Derby
Vehicle:Ssang YONG Korando
General comments:i need to sell this car but need to sought the fault first. can anyone help please.
Problems:hi have a Ssanyong Karando 2.9diesel 2003 problems are loss of power on hills and recently on motorway at 70-80mph starts shaking/vibrating and drops speed to 50mph on flat road the shaking/vibrating occurs with drone noise, this dose not happen every time. can drive fine on back streets at 40mph and motorways at 70mph but always finds it hard work on hills. it is showing 61000 on clock. Glow plug light has started to stop on longer these last two weeks , problem with hills been there since i have owend this car a year, shaking/vibrating about four months.
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July 15, 2011, 12:02 am  from: basketkid06
your clutch is slipping. changing your clutch disc should do the trick.

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