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1978 Opel Record i crashed front right side problems in Serbia

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Date:February 24, 2010, 10:37 am
Name:Ivan vanja todorivic
Location:Serbia, Serbia, Kragujevac
Vehicle:Opel Record
Modification:yes attire butan propan gas,and gasoline
General comments:motor is solid 28700 km model S,with 4 gears, i want 5 manual of Omega transmisija if is possible,and 2 * 2 weber or mikuni carburators,I have inekcion oust becuase price is 900e,but for carburatore 200e and when I butan propan attire ,than I varajetII. I after propan ,gasoline 9l -90-100km/h,very fast 180-190 17 -20l gasoline ,urban 11l gasoline,now with propan i have 30*/*lost power ,and aboute 11-15 l propan butan on 100km,now 160 max speed with 5000o/min,after 190 on hronometar with 5800 o/min,becuase i try with carburators of alfa ,and i will this car ,stay on hooby relly,becusae price in serbia is now for old vechel very,very big,mow only bisnesmens drowe race ,talaents and we who loves that ,if havent money ,end. youre sugestion plese!!! friend from SErbia Vanja.I hope again with old opel with suprises publik be good.
Problems:i have videsos of drifiting in hoby class,and second place 2000 in avala near belgrade hils ,hoby and old timers class.
front ligtt, mask ,left and right around tyres ,and prague2left and right
Previous car:opel manta
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