2001 kia joice
2001 kia joice
2001 kia joice
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2001 Kia Joice oil pump problems in Serbia

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Date:August 29, 2010, 7:53 pm
Name:Bojan Milosavljevic
Location:serbia, serbia, sokobanja
Vehicle:Kia Joice
General comments:I'm 32 years old,and that car was for my job.There is only one solution for me:

To burn my vehicle with gasoline,and DONT BUY KIA IN MY LIFE ANYMORE!
How would You feel if You were without the car from June last year.
Sory for boring You,but I'm desperate and disapointed.
Thank You anyway!
Problems:I have Kia Joice 2.0ls. I can not find the original oil pump for my car.There are two oil pump for my vehicle.Vehicle No is. KMXMTE1PP1U057745

I ordered a part by chasie number,but it does not fit to vehicle. It is part order No.21310-33352.

Maybe it's part number 21310-32110 or 21310-33A00.Who know's?

Oil pump Gasketi which fits to my car is: 21411-32110
I need oil pump for this gasket but oil pump vhich
has inigtion sensor on it and that oil pump need to have semicircle on it because oil pan has semicircle.
I can send you the pictures,but it is hard to me to belive that You don't have it to send me. My friend went to Austria in service for KIA's vehicle and they contacted service in Germany and they are not sure how to solve this problem.How can I?
Now,after a year of searching for this part,I know so much about car industry,but I'm tired to search anymore.
Previous car:Hyundai accent 1.3ls
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