2006 hyundai tuscani
2006 hyundai tuscani
2006 hyundai tuscani
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2006 Hyundai Tuscani cost inquiry problems in Rwanda

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Date:February 12, 2012, 7:49 pm
Name:Robert Mugabe
Location:Rwanda, Kigali, Kuwait
Vehicle:Hyundai Tuscani
Problems:Am interested in one of these models;
2006 or 2003:

Kindly send me the actual cost including FOB and CIF seperately;

I live in Rwanda, Kigali, East África and I wanna buy this car. Where is it located apparently?
How long would it take me to have it shipped up to Dar El Salam in Tanzania? On what cost is insurance?
Is it convertible? If not, can i find one convertible of same make? But with a metalic roof?
May i have a telephone contact of someone with whgom i can call for a talk for clarifications?

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