2001 Pontiac Firebird intake manifold gaskets needed replaced problems

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Date:May 10, 2010, 10:02 pm
Name:Pat Cavenee
Location:United States, New Mexico, Rio Rancho
Vehicle:Pontiac Firebird
Modification:3800 V6
Problems:Overall the car has been great transportation it is my wife's car it has 127,000 miles on it and runs well. When I first got the car in 2005 I had to replace the radiator it had a pinhole leak in the lower hose connector about 150 dollors replacment, 2009 it needed gaskets replaced for the intake manifold, I found out this was common on 3.8 motors and I worry that my Buick Riviera will have the same problem. Overall its been a good car.
Previous car:Chrysler Lebaron

Photo Pontiac Firebird

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