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Neon wont start alsoquits when operating temp 1995 problems

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Date:December 12, 2010, 3:58 pm
Name:jim carlsen
Location:Canada, Alberta, Calgary
Vehicle:Plymouth NEON
Modification:no modifications.
General comments:What can I do o get this car tostart , and why was the car loosing power when it reached operating temperature and started smoking and eventually quits until it cools down and then it runs again.
Problems:I have a 1995 neon four cylinder standard transmission. several weeks after purchasing this car I noticed smoke comming from exhaust and loss of power until finally quitting on the side of the road.I left the car for a month in the driveway , I tried to start the car on a vey coldday, I started with a boost and ran for several minutes, I noticed the head lights flashing as it was running then it quit. I couldn,t start it again and it appears that I don't have spark at the plugs. the battery was frozen the day I was trying tostart , this could be why the lights were flashingI had to replace the battery. now the car is in a warm spot but I appear to have no spark. I can hear the fuel pump running but whenpulling a plug wire out and connecting a screw driver to it and grounding there is not sign of fire? is there a fuse somewhere or did I damage something when the battery was frozen and the engine was running.

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