2004 honda elysion
2004 honda elysion
2004 honda elysion
2004 honda elysion
2004 honda elysion
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Date:June 21, 2020, 1:21 am
Name, Location:Mr Emile Grey
Vehicle:Honda Elysion
General comments:I have read that it's difficult reading the front dash at night time. Did you know that with the same button/dial you set trip mileage, Temperature outside and so fourth. This is the button/dial you use to turn up the screen, when you turn your lights on and loose none of the info previously entered.
Problems:Clicking sound but no Starter action. Battery fully charged, fuses checked but nothing. Last resort will be to locate starter motor and give it manual shunt with a screw driver. Please don't try the shunt, if you haven't done it before. Power charge and everything OK with electrics but just not making it to the starter Motor. Cheers

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