2006 opel astra
2006 opel astra
2006 opel astra
2006 opel astra
2006 opel astra
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2006 Opel Astra engine problems

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Date:September 11, 2021, 8:59 am
Location:South Africa, Durban
Vehicle:Opel Astra
Problems:[09/09, 7:58 pm] Jerome Brijmohan: opel astra 1.4 essentia 2006
[09/09, 8:00 pm] Jerome Brijmohan: Water in the engine was boiling in the water tank.
A mechanic first removed the thermostat to check and said it’s not that, he did not put the thermostat back in the car.
Then mechanic said he must bleed the car to check if pressure is flowing freely, then he said that the car is not bleeding correctly and he now has to open engine and check what the issue is
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