2000 nissan serena
2000 nissan serena
2000 nissan serena
2000 nissan serena
2000 nissan serena
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2000 Nissan Serena gearbox problem when warm

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Date:June 2, 2016, 7:34 am
Location:South Africa, north west, Rustenburg
Vehicle:Nissan Serena
Problems:When you drive with the vehicle and its hot and you stop and switch it of, then when you start it up again the vehicle doesn't go into 2nd gear. when you go on long road and you go past 100-120km/h then it makes a noise and it goes down to 60-70km/h.
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July 3, 2016, 11:34 am  from: john mitchel
good day sir have you diagnosis the vihecle
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July 3, 2016, 12:00 pm  from: john mitchel
hi you can contact us if you have any automatic transmission fault in your nissan serena i had the same problem with nissan serena and now it works wonderfull.

you can call me on the phone or email me thanks
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November 2, 2017, 11:10 am  from: Ashaba Edward
Am leaving in Uganda and driving a Nissan Serena,year 2001.When I drive car moves swiftly but after sometime(I guess when it hs heated up)it changes to gear one during this period the light at the Dash board lights in orange(so with the word sport) and never shifts,I stop and after sometimes moves normally but this is when its at night and its cool.wat shall I do?
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February 11, 2021, 10:16 pm  from: Eshan
I Had Nissan Serena C24 of 2000 with similar Problem of Loosing power after Long drive in Highway or climbing hills or during Hot Days..
The Catch is The Transmission Fluid gets high temperature and the pulley bands or chain of CVT Transmission fails to shift hence Car stalls.
Solution is to use The large Transmission Cooler to assist the Cooling.
Me I bought to Mitsubish pajero Oil coolers, went to mechanics fixed them in front and Add about 1L of Transmission Fluid And the Problem ended.
All the best
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