2000 nissan serena
2000 nissan serena
2000 nissan serena
2000 nissan serena
2000 nissan serena
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2000 Nissan Serena cvt failure to change from low gear to high gear in traffic jams problems

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Date:January 21, 2014, 10:12 am
Name:Mathews Sikapanda
Location:Zambia, Lusaka.
Vehicle:Nissan Serena
General comments:Please help me as i have been left with no options. we have tried to put the vehicle on the diagnostic machine but nothing has since been detected.
Problems:Vehicle fails to engage higher gears especially when the engine heats.what could be the problem?

During morning when the temperatures are relatively low, the car runs great well and when i encounter heavy traffic, the problem occurs.

Ussualy what brings about the prooblem is that when you are in heavy traffic, the speed is limited to 10-20km, and once one moves out of trafiic, the gears remains stack in same speed. the engine rev count would hit 3000-5500 rpm but the speed remains in 20km and you could hear the noisy from the laboring engine.
Previous car:Toyota Corola
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July 3, 2016, 11:42 am  from: john mitchel
hi you can contact us if you have any automatic transmission fault in your nissan serena i had the same problem with nissan serena and now it works wonderfull.

you can call me on the phone or email me thanks
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February 11, 2021, 10:18 pm  from: Eshan
I Had Nissan Serena C24 of 2000 with similar Problem of Loosing power after Long drive in Highway or climbing hills or during Hot Days..
The Catch is The Transmission Fluid gets high temperature and the pulley bands or chain of CVT Transmission fails to shift hence Car stalls.
Solution is to use The large Transmission Cooler to assist the Cooling.
Me I bought to Mitsubish pajero Oil coolers, went to mechanics fixed them in front and Add about 1L of Transmission Fluid And the Problem ended.
All the best
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