1999 nissan serena
1999 nissan serena
1999 nissan serena
1999 nissan serena
1999 nissan serena
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1999 Nissan Serena problem with gear box

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Date:November 16, 2013, 9:13 am
Location:Uganda, Wakiso, Kampala
Vehicle:Nissan Serena
Modification:Engine number
General comments:Please send me the details of the Nairobi Nissan Dealer. i would want my problem stated above solved soon. Thanks.
Problems:I had a problem with the original gear box that was in the vehicle that it had to be replaced. However, from the time of the replacement,i have always had issues with the vehicle, starting it has always been a problem, it stops at will, now it stopped moving completely recently. I was advised that some parts that were put in the vehicle were not genuine parts. I want to get the contacts of the Nissan Nairobi dealer to know how i can get the right spare parts sent to me in Kampala, how long it will take, the costs involved and the procedure for payment. Please send me a mail. Thanks very much.

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