2001 nissan liberty
2001 nissan liberty
2001 nissan liberty
2001 nissan liberty
2001 nissan liberty
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2001 Nissan Liberty model 2001 problems

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Date:February 1, 2012, 10:46 am
Name:Herry Johnston Seme
Location:Tanzania, United Republic of, Tanzania, Arusha
Vehicle:Nissan Liberty
General comments:I need advices on where to check, what is the problem,how to solve/repair or where to get new spare parts.
Problems:The car looses power, do not enter more gears after No1, when not heated it works properly but sometimes suddenly it can turn to gear No.1 and not enter more gears which force to rest for more than 45min before start again.
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March 1, 2012, 6:21 pm  from: Bryan
i had the same problem. you need to change the transmition oil and change he oil filter inside the gear box. underneed the gearbox their is a sqaure pan with 12 or more bolts. drain the oil and remove the bolts , you will see a black rectangled shape part as soon as you take the pan off, that is the filter remove it by carefully pulling it. the best thing to do is to replace it since cleaning will no solve your problem. because tiny particals seem to clog this filter. hopeu this helps you

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