1996 nissan homy
1996 nissan homy
1996 nissan homy
1996 nissan homy
1996 nissan homy
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1996 Nissan Homy intercooler warning problems

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Date:January 12, 2010, 11:14 pm
Name, Location:Buddy Andrews Trinidad West Indies
Location+:Trinidad and Tobago, Saint George
Vehicle:Nissan Homy
Problems:I have a Nissan homey e24 8 seater with a td 27 turbo charged diesel engine. (right hand drive). there is an electric motor next to a small radiator that seems to be connected to the heater or cooling system located on the under side of the vehicle behind the driver. the motor activates while driving or at idle making a high pitched whining sound as if running dry, why is this, and is it connected to the inter cooler warning light that would periodically come on?
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