2007 nissan cube
2007 nissan cube
2007 nissan cube
2007 nissan cube
2007 nissan cube
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2007 Nissan Cube need help problems

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Date:November 23, 2012, 4:33 pm
Location:Pakistan, Sindh, Karachi
Vehicle:Nissan Cube
General comments:is there any way to help me in this situation? i get the car checked through scanner and it shows some communication error which the scanner can not removes. the car is showing 127000 km on the odometer

please help me! i really love this MPV of mine
Problems:i recently bought this car from an auction. the car was in the warehouse since it came from Japan, may be since last 2 years. it has few faults which my mechanic is unable to troubleshoot. the problems are

the display in the dash board is not showing gear shifting status i.e. P,R,N,D,D2 etc. etc. rest of the items are displayed, i mean millage, trip A and trip B

there is a jerk during shifting of gears, jerk during the 1st shift is quite annoying and one can feel it

over drive function is also not working, neither its indication light lits when the button on the gear lever is pressed

the car shifts the gears too early and it reduces the pick up thrust

kick down function is also not working so when the accelerator is pressed completely to speed up, nothing happens and care keeps moving at the same pace
Previous car:Mercedes Benz W126
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January 14, 2013, 7:25 pm  from: mark
hi there sounds like needs a transmission fluid change possibly flush if its sat for duration i had an old supra and prelude with this same prob i changed oil and solved the prob on both cars
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February 9, 2013, 6:58 pm  from: malik
thanks God you are located in karachi.luckily i know a person who can fix all cube related problems.i believe he can help you but you will have to pay around 12000 .i had the same issue with my nissan cube.i have missed his cell number but you can find him in f b area .he works with highway cars near water pump.you know what i mean SUCKER

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