2002 nissan cefiro
2002 nissan cefiro
2002 nissan cefiro
2002 nissan cefiro
2002 nissan cefiro
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2002 Nissan Cefiro electrical fault problems

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Date:April 16, 2020, 12:23 am
Location:Papua New Guinea, National Capital, Port Moresby
Vehicle:Nissan Cefiro
Problems:My Nissan Cefiro A33 2002 model has being facing engine proble and grounded for 4 year.I brought a mechanic in and we remove the engine from the car and troubleshoot it outside. The engine start and was 100% OK. But when we put the engine back and try to start up the engine, it did not start.

Again its been sleeping for 2 years now, please can anyone tell me what is the problem that I'm facing. My biggest suspect is Electrical Fault. Something relating alternator?

Do any of you facing similar problems? Your input will be highly appreciated.

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