2015 Nissan Armada extortionate repair quotes problems

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Date:October 3, 2021, 3:53 am
Location:Qatar, Doha
Vehicle:Nissan Armada
General comments:My wife wanted the new Pathfinder TI which she was going to purchase in November, and I was interested in the Safari Patrol, however; this rip off experience has left a very bad taste in our mouths and we will not be coming back to Nissan Qatar again. I have sent my car to another garage to quote on the suspension issue and will ensure that they get the work from here-on.
The only agent that i have complete confidence in is Angelito, he is honest, efficient and more than competent, if I could remember the other agent who gave me those ridiculous quotes, I would, but quite frankly, he is of little concern.
If this is how NISSAN want to rip their loyal customers off, then i am better off taking my business elsewhere and will also advise my friends and colleagues against Nissan as well.
Dylan Hornby
Problems:Good day. brought my Armada (657539) to Industrial for service and inspection of the sunroof as it was not opening. I was called by the service representative and informed that the sunroof motor was covered in dust, I would have to replace the motor and the tray as Nissan do not repair it. I was given a quote of QAR 9500 to replace!!
On top of it he also informed me that the front and rear lower arm on the suspension needed replacing and quoted me QAR 16900! Baring in mind the last time i was at Nissan the same representative quoted just over QAR 11000 for the same job!
After collecting my car I noticed that the centre Roof console was squeaking and making a terrible noise, also the sunroof glass was not aligned properly and was partially opened.
I declined all of these quotes, many of my colleagues and friends who are Asian or Arabic made the remarks that because i am a westerner your agents are trying to rip me off.
I did not believe what they were saying, however; i took my car to an auto electrician, who then repaired (REPAIRED NOT REPLACED) my sunroof for QAR1500... Did you see that? 8000 less than Nissan who are purely trying to rip their long standing clients off. My wife and i have brought this vehicle to Nissan from the first service up until now, even though the warranty is now long over.
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