2001 Opel Omega B car misfiring problems in Nigeria

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Date:March 8, 2017, 12:14 pm
Name:Daniel Ordia
Location:Nigeria, Rivers, Port Harcourt
Vehicle:Opel Omega B
General comments:1. I have serviced the injector nozzles.
2. I have changed the air flow meter, but I also noticed that if you disengage the air flow meter, the engine still run the same way without any effect.
3. I also noticed that one of the coil's terminal is not supplying current to the plug. I replaced the coil, the issue is still the same.
4. please I need a solution to this problem, I have not driven the car for months now.
Problems:Engine not firing well. The car starts normally, but when you accelerate, it will not pick well for a smooth running of the engine.
Previous car:OPEL OMEGA 2.0 WAGON
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