1998 toyota starlet
1998 toyota starlet
1998 toyota starlet
1998 toyota starlet
1998 toyota starlet
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1998 Toyota Starlet apparantly it's misfiring problems in New Zealand

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Date:December 19, 2019, 4:12 am
Name:chris Bassett
Location:new zealand, taranaki, waitara
Vehicle:Toyota Starlet
Problems:My car has always done a skip on a hill if I am stuck behind a slow vehicle. I always thought it was a gear shift. I took it away recently. and it did 4 jumps in quick succession. It is fine when I am just driving around town. It is when I am on the motorway and apparently when between 60 and 70 kmph. I have not noticed an oil leak or excessive or coloured exhaust fumes. I have no trouble starting it and no warning lights are coming on. After 4 days at a mechanics who was too busy to worry about my car, I have bought it home. but he did say it is misfiring. He has replaced the spark plugs that has not fixed the problem and he said he cannot guarantee it is the coil pack. So I am left none the wiser. I could have left it there but was concerned about him replacing things to eliminate them as he obviously can't see the problem,

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