Nissan Problems in New Zealand

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ComplaintDescriptionName and LocationPhotoDate
When I drive on motorway travelling speed 80 to 100 kilometers per hour when I slow down the car stalls and cuts take 3 to five minutes to start again..the check engine light is permanently on2002 Nissan WingroadBradley
New zealand, Niederosterreich, Auckland
May 17, 2021
Vehicle Voice system2015 Nissan WingroadPeter
New Zealand, Auckland
Mar 14, 2021
Air is on when starts couldn't turn off, screen still on when turn off, stereo not playing at all2004 Nissan PresageSiueva Sapati
New Zealand, Auckland
Nov 26, 2020
starting problem2003 Nissan Bluebird SylphyAnand Mathew
New Zealand, Auckland
Jun 26, 2020
starting problem2003 Nissan Bluebird SylphyAnand francis
New Zealand, wellington
Jun 26, 2020
Heating1996 Nissan PrimeraKaren
New Zealand, Northland
Jun 19, 2020
Transmission2005 Nissan Bluebird Sylphy
New Zealand, Auckland
Jun 14, 2020
Wont start1998 Nissan RnessaStuart
New zealand, Aramoho, Wanganui
May 23, 2020
Tune up1991 Nissan Civilian; NilBrent Black
New Zealand, Canterbury, Christchurch
Apr 11, 2020
Engine light.2006 Nissan PresageRebekah
New Zealand, Whangarei
Jan 25, 2020
Break lights are on all the time1997 Nissan Terrano Regulusphil
NEW ZEALAND, B.O.P, Tauranga
Jan 10, 2020
Rev2005 Nissan PresageHiraina
New Zealand, Auckland
Jan 6, 2020
Pit Stop Indicator2002 Nissan SerenaE.J.Engebretsen
New Zealand, Thames Valley, Ngatea
Mar 10, 2019
Brake lights on1998 Nissan Bluebird; EpriseJace
New Zealand, Canterbury, Christchurch
Feb 3, 2019
nissan presage2004 Nissan Presage
1 comment
New Zealand, henderson, Auckland
Nov 29, 2018
Change stereo language Japanese to English2006 Nissan Bluebird SylphyDeep
New Zealand, Auckland
Jul 9, 2018
Need plastic cover panel above windscreen left hand side2001 Nissan CivilianRoger lister
New Zealand, tauranga, Tauranga
Jul 7, 2018
number 4 plug fills with engine oil,then spills onto gearbox/engine.2002 Nissan LibertyNathan
New Zealand, Hamilton
Jan 22, 2018
Surging1993 Nissan PrimeraKim
New Zealand, Waikato, Hamilton
Nov 12, 2017
engine light shows orange2004 Nissan Presage; nil
1 comment
BA Fraser
New Zealand, Auckland
Oct 26, 2017
Fillier for the transmission case1996 Nissan MistralAlden
New Zealand, Wanganui
Sep 20, 2017
Cooling system1996 Nissan LargoRonil lal
New Zealand, Hornby, Christchurch
Aug 29, 2017
No power to dash board or ignition1997 Nissan Primerashayla
New Zealand, Auckland
Jul 6, 2017
Starting problem1999 Nissan PrairieLaurie
New Zealand, Onerahi
May 26, 2017
Stalled Engine2002 Nissan Serena; noRolly
New Zealand, Auckland, Manukau City
May 26, 2017
No power, won't engage into (L) threw itself out of drive1999 Nissan Tino
1 comment
Kelly Atfield
New Zealand, State, Auckland
Apr 10, 2017
cefiro 25touringG1997 Nissan Cefiro
1 comment
New Zealand, Rotorua
Feb 10, 2017
Were to find oxygen sensor on 96 Nissan regulus1996 Nissan Terrano RegulusReece
New Zealand, Kawerau
Jan 31, 2017
Car cuts out while driving & now horn won't work driving straight ahead2005 Nissan WingroadAmy
New Zealand, Ruapehu, Raetihi
Dec 28, 2016
Surging1997 Nissan Terrano Regulus
1 comment
New Zealand, Southland, Invercargill
Dec 18, 2016