1996 mitsubishi lancer
1996 mitsubishi lancer
1996 mitsubishi lancer
1996 mitsubishi lancer
1996 mitsubishi lancer
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1996 Mitsubishi Lancer car stalls, then won't start problems

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Date:April 17, 2014, 1:30 am
Location:Philippines, Manila
Vehicle:Mitsubishi Lancer
General comments:I want to keep the car going because it has served me well for almost 18years
Problems:Mit Lancer '96 - The car stalling, won't restart.
The first mechanic said there was no spark and cleaned something in the distributor. He also unplugged and plugged the connectors on the distributor.
Drove for about 10kilometers and it stalled again. It restarted after some fiddling around - I sprayed contact cleaner into the distributor connector.
Second mechanic said the problem was fuel system. Replaced the fuel filter (didn't seem clogged when you blow into the old filter). Ran for about 30Km then stalled again. This time mechanic replaced fuel pump, he said old pump was not building pressure.
After replacing fuel pump, car started but stalled after about 10minutes on idle.
Mechanic says no spark. Thinks the coil might be the problem.
What could it be?
Previous car:Chevy Nova 1968

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January 29, 2017, 5:24 am  from: terence bernardino
kung gusto mo sir ipagawa mo sa akin marami n akong nagawang trouble yan i contact nyo nalang nyo po ako
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December 28, 2017, 10:29 am  from: Eric
Can you share the solution sirs. Thanks
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