2006 mazda verisa
2006 mazda verisa
2006 mazda verisa
2006 mazda verisa
2006 mazda verisa
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2006 Mazda Verisa not pulling well, producing bad sound and engine light on problems

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Date:November 4, 2016, 9:14 am
Name:James Ngalande
Location:Malawi, Malawi, Blantyre
Vehicle:Mazda Verisa
Problems:Sometime back the right hand tyre went into drainage and we rectified that problem. Because of this, the was only turning to hand right side further. We found a mechanic who fixed the problem. Upon completion we found that the steering became very stiff (Very manual). It was diagnosed and found that the Electric Power Steering Sensor was not working properly which caused the steering to be very stiff. We find Auto technician and he looked at it, the steering partially became soft. Gradually I have noticed that the steering becoming stiff again. And also it is producing a certain strange smell of smoke. The engine light is on and the car if not pulling properly!

How can I solve the problem?
Previous car:Toyota Collora VVTI
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June 28, 2018, 2:50 pm  from: Bernard Makhanya
This is my Mazda verisa problem
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