2000 mazda familia s-wagon
2000 mazda familia s-wagon
2000 mazda familia s-wagon
2000 mazda familia s-wagon
2000 mazda familia s-wagon
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2000 Mazda Familia S-wagon engine vibrating and loss of power problems

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Date:July 29, 2012, 5:07 am
Name:Alfred Tembo
Location:Zambia, Lusaka
Vehicle:Mazda Familia S-wagon
General comments:i Have Changed the Plugs but no improvement
Problems:The Engine is vibrating and there is no power in gear mode. The Engine vibrations turn to stop at very high revs however it has completely no power even at high revs
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August 29, 2012, 4:01 pm  from: Grant Munatsi
My car was behaving the same way then I discovered that the ignition coils were leaking electricity to the body of the car and providing less power to the plugs. To diagnose this problem you need to have someone rev the car in the dark(at night) with the bonnet open then you will be able to see sparks of arcing on top of the coils. These are NOT supposed to be there. If you observe these sparks then all you need to do is order new coils and the car will be fine. Mine never used to go beyond 120km/h no matter how hard I pressed the accelerator. When going uphill it would only go at 60km/h max but after changing the ignition coils it is perfect. Hope this helps...
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