1992 mazda familia
1992 mazda familia
1992 mazda familia
1992 mazda familia
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1992 Mazda Familia malfunction in fuel distribution problems

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Date:August 23, 2010, 4:56 am
Location:Sri Lanka, western, colombo
Vehicle:Mazda Familia
Problems:I have a mazda familia - bg 3p model car,and from several years I have had to undergo a lot of difficulties regarding my car's fuel distribution. It's fuel system is EGI, controlling fuel with a couple of units attached to the carburator. As far as I'm concerned,due to the malfunction of those units, the car doesn't accelerate properly and has got an unstopping miss.I want to know that can I install a manual carburator instead of gasoline injection one,and if I can what are the modifications should I do in my car......Detailed reply is highly appreciated.
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