2000 mazda demio
2000 mazda demio
2000 mazda demio
2000 mazda demio
2000 mazda demio
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Demio rear shocks 2000 problems

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Date:September 27, 2012, 12:04 pm
Location:zimbabwe, bulawayo
Vehicle:Mazda Demio
General comments:I am driving back to have the car checked but l need professional tips on how to present my case. I don't know much about cars so l need advice on what to do and how to do. Thanks for helping in advance
Problems:I had both front and rear shock absorbers changed on a Mazda Demio 2001. Upon driving the car from the garage, there was an unusual sound from the rear. The mechanic said it were damaged bearings.
That evening when driving to some distant work place l smelt rubber burning or oil like smell only to discover there was contact between my new shocks and the tyres.
I use size 14 tyres and upon calling the shocks dealer, he said l should change the rim. The problem is the old shocks never gave me that trouble. There is a difference in the gap between the metal where shock springs rest. The gap is smaller on new shocks. Were l sold wrong size or they weren't fixed properly? Are there shocks for size 13 and size 14 Tyres?
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