1999 mazda 323f
1999 mazda 323f
1999 mazda 323f
1999 mazda 323f
1999 mazda 323f
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Date:July 18, 2012, 1:52 pm
Name:paul Kararu
Location:Tanzania, Mwanza, Mwanza
Vehicle:Mazda 323F
Modification:clutch plate,presure plate,suspension back&self
General comments:Please if possible let me the price and cost of transport up to Mwanza by akamba or any other mode of transport up to me .
Problems:Sir This car i bought from England and since that time i havent experience any problems of this car.
But few days my car loose power to move when technician start looking on it he discovered that CLUTCH PLATE AND ITS PRESURE WERE BANNED,Also SELF STATER ALSO IS NOT WORKING PROPELY and Shock up Back also doesnt work propely so i need to change them all.
So please if you can assist me to obtain this i will be happy because my car now is at home.
Thanks and i will be happy to hear from you soon.
This attachment is the model of my car.
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