1999 mazda 323
1999 mazda 323
1999 mazda 323
1999 mazda 323
1999 mazda 323
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1999 Mazda 323 car just will no work properly problems

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Date:August 31, 2013, 5:41 pm
Name:elton thornhill
Location:Trinidad and Tobago, san juan, port of spain
Vehicle:Mazda 323
Problems:my bj mazda 323 starts ok and runs ok but for a while.When the engine gets hut the tacometer starts to flutter(goes up and down)even when the car is not moving and sometimes when i mash on the gas the car holds back then shoots off. i have changed the coil packs, fuel pump,plugs,service the injectors, change the air flow censer and still am experiencing the problem. my mechanic says the brain has to change.PLEASE HELP
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