1998 kia avella
1998 kia avella
1998 kia avella
1998 kia avella
1998 kia avella
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1998 KIA Avella fuel system where is the fuel filter problems

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Date:October 27, 2016, 11:39 pm
Name:Tony Morris
Location:Malta, Birzebbugia
Vehicle:KIA Avella
General comments:This problem has arisen in the last Six Months iv'e looked
for the standard Fuel Filter so i might change it but as of now i have not been able to locate it
Problems:difficult to start on occasion and the engine peters out
unexpectedly The engine was not short of Petrol and to restart it takes the best part of half an hour to restart
fortunatly the car has a new Battery
Previous car:Skoda
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