1987 jaguar sovereign
1987 jaguar sovereign
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1987 Jaguar Sovereign engine misfires problems

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Date:January 25, 2010, 4:28 am
Name, Location:david griffiths, ruislip
Location+:United Kingdom
Vehicle:Jaguar Sovereign
General comments:Any help would be much appreciated
Problems:Having left the car out overnight in the wet and cold, it now misfires to the extent that when driving, depression of the accelerator will often cause the car to almost stop. It creeps along with no power and then after 10 seconds, picks up again and goes fine until I stop accelerating, and then try to start again. It has begun to actually stall now when starting to rev up, but will pick up and seems to rev fine with perseverance. I have sprayed WD40 inside and outside the distributor cap, and all over the plug leads, coil, etc, no improvement. It is a Jaguar Sovereign 1987 2.9. It has done only about 36,000 miles. I have only filled the tank once since owning it, and I used Super Unleaded fuel.
Previous car:VW Passat
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