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1996 Isuzu Trooper transmission problems

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Date:December 23, 2009, 10:20 pm
Name, Location:lonnie
Location+:United States, Texas
Vehicle:Isuzu Trooper
Problems:had a dianostic done and transmission is ok but has a bad oil leak in front seal of transmission. I had it towed and ordered a flate bed and a regular tow truck came and lifted it from rear and pulled for three miles and locked the 4 wheel drive up and it will not move now. Tow company said that they did not cause the rest of my problems with my 4 wheel drive. SHOULD IT BE TOWED ON 2 WHEELS OR PUT ON A FLAT BED? THE TOW COMPANY NEW I NEEDED A FLAT BED BUT IT WAS TOWED ON THE FRONT WHEELS AND THE 4 WHEEL DRIVE LOCKED ON. i NEED SOME FEED BACK ON THIS
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February 5, 2010, 2:21 am  from: Mark
Trooper can not be towed with 2 wheels on the ground unless it is in 4 Neutral. The tow driver should have known that, 4 X 4's are too common for them not to know the basics. I have owned many a 4 X 4, Jeep being the most common with me because some models (Quad Trac) can be towed with all 4 on the ground behind my motorhome. Trooper can never be used as a tow vehicle in that manor.
There is no doubt that the tow company messed up the front end, even if the rear drive was bad. The auto lock engaged and ran the transmission backwards. It will be your burden to prove the damage. I would start with documentation from Isuzu on proper towing.
Good luck with your delima

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