2005 opel astra
2005 opel astra
2005 opel astra
2005 opel astra
2005 opel astra
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2005 Opel Astra transmission problems in Israel

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Date:June 11, 2012, 6:55 am
Location:Israel, Hefa, Haifa
Vehicle:Opel Astra
Problems:This is a 2005 Opel Astra, 1600cc with an easytronic gerabox. 114,000 km.
The problem started as I began to hear noise, a bump, when the car was slowing down and going from second gear to first.
I took the car to an opel garage and they didn't detect any problem when they checked it with the computer. They said it's a problem in the Sync of the gear and there is nothing to be done.
2 days later, the noise began to appear also from third gear to second. After another day and all of a sudden the gear display disappeared and the car stopped working.
I couldn't turn it on any more.
At the garage I was told that the engine which operates the gear is now damaged.
I was told that the sync problem in the transmission caused the damage in the engine, and that I have to replace all the gearbox.
From your experience, will replacing the engine on the gear be enough?


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