1998 honda orthia
1998 honda orthia
1998 honda orthia
1998 honda orthia
1998 honda orthia
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1998 Honda Orthia need the full body kit problems

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Date:March 20, 2017, 12:34 am
Name:Wilton Edwards
Location:Jamaica, Saint Andrew, Kingston
Vehicle:Honda Orthia
General comments:I really love my car and just want to keep it in good conditions like new so please help me to do so thank you very much in doing so.
My car is fully powered.
Problems:My body kit they all have been broken and doesn't have the original look so I need to replace them with the original ones so I just want to know where can I get them and what's the cost thank in advance as I await your kind response.

Also I almost forget to mention the jacks
The two for the chunk and the two for the chunk glass and the driver door cover along with the both rare doors outer handle also the handle for the chunk.
Previous car:none
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