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2000 Honda Logo transmission problems

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Date:May 22, 2013, 6:08 pm
Name:Avinash Ramdath
Location:Trinidad and Tobago, San Fernando, Claxton Bay
Vehicle:Honda Logo
General comments:I did a diagnostic scan to check the transmission sensors to identify if they were malfunctioning or needed replacement but all were good,so the mechanic told me that the transmission need replacement,but the way i see it is that if i do get a transmission, it will be a used one, and i may end up back in the same problem,so i was thinking about repairing the said transmission and monitor it from there.
Any advice from anyone would be greatly appreciated and it would help me to understand and obtain more knowledge of my car.Also i am looking for a place that i could purchase any parts for my car online and ship it down to Trinidad, West Indies via sky box.
Problems:When switching to drive and reverse,its take approximately
5 seconds to select drives,similar problem while driving at a moderate speed of 20 to 25 miles per hour,if i have to slow or even stop acceleration,and start driving again it take ah few seconds to actually start driving,also if the car is parked on a slope for example,parked on a hill with front of the car facing up hill, and drive is selected the car starts to roll down hill.
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