1999 honda hr-v
1999 honda hr-v
1999 honda hr-v
1999 honda hr-v
1999 honda hr-v
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1999 Honda HR-V ignition problem

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Date:June 11, 2021, 11:11 am
Name:Talent Meso
Location:Zimbabwe, Midlands, Redcliff
Vehicle:Honda HR-V
Problems:Engine won't start sometimes. I'll have to shake the car a bit and try starting it a couple of times before the engine can start. It doesn't make a frictional sound, which made me to rule out the starter as the possible problem. It makes a sound which feels like a switch, as if something has been switched on. I'm suspecting the ignition or the key, but I've never touched it to see if it is the problem. Please help.
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