2008 honda cross road
2008 honda cross road
2008 honda cross road
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2008 Honda Cross ROAD big lie from the beginning problems

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Date:July 24, 2019, 8:10 am
Location:Ireland, Dublin, Balgriffin
Vehicle:Honda Cross ROAD
Modification:Stock version DBA-RT4
General comments:Too simple inside
Not many aftermarket parts.
Use to buy all from japan and parts aren't cheap.
Replaced all fuel filters fuel injectors...etc and didn't sort a problem of high fuel consumption.
Honda lie about gheir cars from the beginning
Problems:Hard suspension from factory.
Replaced on new original front shock absorbers and springs.
Someone might say it's for make her more stable on motorways, but it isn't stable after 120km/h.
Rt4 eats 14l.per 100km and on dashboard 6.8.
Not a first honda which shows lower fuel consumption than it is.
Previous car:Honda civic
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