2005 honda city
2005 honda city
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Honda city 2005 vario....................please help problems

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Date:August 22, 2016, 4:38 pm
Name:umar farooq
Location:pakistan, punjab, lahore
Vehicle:Honda City
Problems:Dear Members
My Car Honda City VARIO 2005 developed some issues about two weeks back after the car wash. I tried to find the solutions but nothing seems to work. Here are the issues.

1.There is a strange water revolving sound from the dashboard specially after the first start of the day. I cleaned the AC went pipe and also checked the level of water in the radiator. But the sound doesn?t go away.
2.The shift is not working properly. It moves the RPM up down up down and not get stable with speed. Then I have to slightly lower the RPM from Gas pedal to get it stable. Moreover, the car seems underpowered and fuel consumption is also more. It also gives problem sometimes on first start of the day by making strange sound like OVER with Fuel and with lots of Fuel smell.

This car hasn?t give me any issues till now but I am so worried as I love this car. The job done up till now are: -
Plug with connectors changed
Transmission oil changed
Throttle body changed
I need your expert advice or may be refer me to someone in Islamabad or Lahore. Thanking in anticipation.

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