1994 honda ascot
1994 honda ascot
1994 honda ascot
1994 honda ascot
1994 honda ascot
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1994 Honda Ascot flat battery and oil leaks problems

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Date:February 16, 2017, 9:43 pm
Location:New Zealand, hawkes bay, napier
Vehicle:Honda Ascot
General comments:other wise for a 1994 model he goes very well
Problems:at the moment our car has a flat battery last few days I have had 2 jumpstarts and is sitting flat for 2 days I notice our car has lost power wihin the last month although a smooth drive lately has been a worry my Honda slows right down to 40ks up most rises and hills wen it climbs we often change into 3rd gear in auto for wxtra power so she wont strain so much am i doing right to our motor I also notice we have two dry oil leeks coming off the top cylinders is that a major problem
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