1992 honda accord inspire
1992 honda accord inspire
1992 honda accord inspire
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1992 Honda Accord Inspire need spair parts problems

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Date:November 19, 2010, 12:04 pm
Name:Ricky Sambo
Location:Tanzania, United Republic of, Dar es Salaam, Dar Es Salaam
Vehicle:Honda Accord Inspire
Problems:Hi team,I have Honda accord inspire of 1992 model, it is currently down (not working) because the technician lost the sample of the spare parts listed below.
i need oil pump bearing and timing bet (big) adjuster for honda accord inspire G20A engine.
Please send me information on how to get it or the details of the mentioned parts.
Thank you in advance
Mr. Ricky Sambo

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November 12, 2013, 1:09 pm  from: mkwenya manya
naomba nitajiwe gharama za drey shaft zote mbili na ball joint za zopte za chini nja juu.halafu naomba nieleshwe namna nitakavyozipata hizo spare mimi niko songea ruvuma gari yangu ni crv honda ya mwaka 2012.
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