2001 suzuki grand escudo
2001 suzuki grand escudo
2001 suzuki grand escudo
2001 suzuki grand escudo
2001 suzuki grand escudo
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2001 Suzuki Grand Escudo fuel problems in Grenada

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Date:February 19, 2011, 4:56 pm
Location:Grenada, Saint Andrew, Grenville
Vehicle:Suzuki Grand Escudo
General comments:the fuel wire which is pink and black with grey spots went straight to a relay no fuse
Problems:fuel pump stop working but even when replaced it still won't work.
there was not even a fuse for it, the space for the fuse was blank.

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January 28, 2012, 10:44 pm  from: Avie T
Recently purchased 2002 Grand Escudo. Beautiful vehicle. Spent most time parked in garage for longer distance and special occassion use. Within a month, and used for 2nd time, fuel tank and pump damaged. Replaced damaged fuel system. Parked up again at least 2wks. Used 3x after this over a 2wk period. Absolutely wonderful motoring. Parked back garage, went to used and would not started.

After inspection, same fault. Damaged fuel tank and pump. STOP! What is happening???

Inspection carried out by panelbeater. Check both fuel tanks with exact same damage. Panelbeater discussed with various colleagues including Suzuki franchee. After 4days thorough investigation...VERDICT, blocked EVAP valve and/or cannister.

Pressure build up in fuel tank. No air circulation etc. Tank looks like you have squashed it halfway down. Damage is on top of tank, not at bottom inferring neglient driver activity or other.

So, mechanical fault failure. Dealers probably unaware, and also, possibly, mechanics and others.

However, this has been my experience, and only sharing in case of others experiencing and/or confused at such a mechanical issue that can have one DUMBFOUNDED!

It will be a costly repair, however, only purchasing 3mths ago, I am currently pursuing action to replace vehicle and will be successful in same.

I LOVE this vehicle as they are great off road. Very versatile and practical.

So hope others with similar fuel tank and pump damage find this helpful.

I will replace this 2002 Grand with another Grand Escudo. This is my 3 escudo. 1st was damaged by inattentive driver and written off. Great 4x4 off road to beach, owned 14mths, no probs. 96 escudo 4x4 owned best part of 7yrs until rear ended by driver txt messageing. She was a beauty, and never required any major works. Always serviced and well looked after. She was my baby. Travelled 275,000kms and still running strong. RIP my girl, miss you.
2002 Grand I will replace you thank you for your time, but..move on to NEXT escudo and SHE will be fine.

Thank you and hope this info re: fuel tank damage which DUMBFOUNDs you helps.
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