1993 nissan primera
1993 nissan primera
1993 nissan primera
1993 nissan primera
1993 nissan primera
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1993 Nissan Primera engine problem in Grenada

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Date:February 9, 2011, 6:14 pm
Location:Grenada, St. George, St. George
Vehicle:Nissan Primera
Problems:1.Rattling sound from the engine that sounds like camshaft problems. However, there is no unusual noise when engine is at idle speed.
2. A mechanic said that the camshaft is worn and I need a new Cylinder Head or good used one. He said that camshaft problem is the weakness of the SR20 & SR18 engines. He said that the oil pump could be bad too.
3. The engine shuts down when the A/C is running and the vehicle stops. I believe it's the Mass airflow sensor but I'm not sure.
4. The power steering is noisy. The mechanic said that the unit must be replaced. Can it be repaired?

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August 7, 2012, 12:53 pm  from: NKOSILATHI ZINTI NKOMO
Probably oil pump has to be changed. I had my engine overhauled and the oil pump was gone. Cylinder head can be serviced take it to an Engine clinic they probably can do something about it.
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