2005 great wall safe
2005 great wall safe
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2005 Great WALL SAFE rolling problems

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Date:March 12, 2013, 2:17 pm
Name:Jon Sims
Location:China, Zhejiang, China, NIngbo
Vehicle:Great WALL SAFE
General comments:It's a great vehicle, tough, reliable and fairly simple. I live in China but the Great Wall Mechanics are total morons and get no training in repairs/maintenance or problem solving. I do all the repairs myself now as I can't trust the people working for great wall service garages. SO HELP MEEEEEEE
my email is [email protected]
Problems:The vehicle gets starts rolling from side to side at speeds of around 100 - 120km.. I've replaced the shocks, andti roll bushes and it's still there.. Any comments
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