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1995 Opel Monterey various electrical malfunctions problems in Finland

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Date:August 4, 2010, 4:30 pm
Name:Takanen Riitta
Location:Finland, Centre Finland, Keuruu
Vehicle:Opel Monterey
Modification:3.1D ( Engine 4JG2 Isuzu)
Problems:First the engine turned itself off while running and the temperature jumped to hot(red)area,the engine did not start anymore.Timing belt was replaced
because the repairshop said that Monterey (Isuzu) has a "shut down system" which automatically turns the engine off if the timing belt needs to be replaced or is already broken.
After all the timing belt they replaced was ok and in its proper place,also the pulleys were ok but replaced.
After that Monterey did almost right away the same trick and did not start.
While waiting the towing I noticed that a fuse (ignition and fuel feed) had gone off.I replaced it and the engine started.The repairshop towed the car and replaced some wirings below the steering column and we got Monterey back.
After that the engine thermometer stayed constantly in hot (red) area although the temperature itself was normal.
After being fed up with the repairshop at that point
(the costs were already almost 1000 euros!)we started ourselves to check the wiring
of temperature gauge and found a wear out.We taped it so it would not make a shortcut.However the engine thermometer sometimes jumps to hot area if theres a bump
in the road and also reacts if you turn the AC off.Otherwise it shows right.Also the speedometer has shut
down, but that malfunction was already earlier after the
clutch was replaced.
Does anyone have any good ideas what to do next?

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