2009 fiat grande punto
2009 fiat grande punto
2009 fiat grande punto
2009 fiat grande punto
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2009 FIAT Grande Punto cant fine qeta3 3'yar fe eltawkeel problems

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Date:October 11, 2011, 3:58 pm
Name:elham 3abd elhady
Location:Egypt, Al Qahirah, Cairo
Vehicle:FIAT Grande Punto
Problems:i cant find z model of my jant ? hw come i had an accidnet and a 1 spor jant had dameged hw come wen i ask them in eltawkeeel to replace it wz new 1 to say (sry we dnt ve this model) so wt i have to do? to buy a new model 4 jants by 8000 L.E or wat ? give me a solution? so why they didnt tell us wen we bought it tht after 2 yrs only u wont find (qeta3 3'yar ) for ur car even in eltawekeel
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December 3, 2011, 8:54 am  from: Mahmoud El-Mahboub
Hi ,

First of all, I wish you are fine and in good health. I have seen your problem with Fiat 2009 Sport rims. I have a similair

problem as i have 3 original rims but for 2010 Grande Punto. This one is available in Omatra Service Center. i'm already selling those 3 rims with a discounted price.

If you are interested in upgrading your rims with original fiat 2010 sport rims, you can take those 3 rims and just buy

the fourth from fiat omatra. It will cost less and we both gain benefit. You can call Omara and ask if there is 2010 rims available and if you find this offer interesting email me or call at 01012248774

I attached a photo of the rims if you want to have a look

Thanks in advance
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