1986 Dodge Dodge problem of identification of spare parts

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Date:March 13, 2011, 6:26 am
Location:Russian Federation, Kamchatka, Elizovo
Vehicle:Dodge Dodge
Modification:Colt Vista
Problems:Good afternoon
Problem of identification of spare parts
My car is made in Japan for corporation a Crysler - Colt Vista
VIN JB4FH31D0GZ015784
Box of transfers (it is specified on the tablet in a motor compartment) (trans Axle) KM 182 3909
Directly on a box of transfers of numbering is not present?!
Sellers of Russia cannot help{assist} to pick up spare parts according to{agree} VIN JB4FH31D0GZ015784
I ask you to assist and specify-where I can see the list of spare parts on my car with pictures and catalogue numbers?. And as conformity to catalogue Japanese numbers.
Respect Alexander
P.S. The completed primary shaft of a box of transfers urgently is required

Photo Dodge Dodge

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