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1988 Dodge Caravan overheating problems

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Date:March 10, 2011, 11:03 am
Name:nell evansjennye007@yahoo.com
Location:United States, Oregon, Florence
Vehicle:Dodge Caravan
Modification:was a 1995
General comments:for the amount of money i put in to this thing i could have a new one, im 63 on a fixed income and need help desperately. noone should have this much problems
Problems:in 2005 I had to have a rebuilt engine put in my 1995 odge caravan, because the heads were cracked. I was told it was replace by a 1988 engine. Theguage on my van keeps going over to hot, but the engine is col. If i put the control in the middle of the heat/air it automatically goes back to normal. Thethe guage sensor has been replaced, the radiator cap replace, because it was only putting out 10 lbs. of pressure. theses did not fix the problem. after sitting all night and half the next day i checked the overflow and it was nearly empty, then opened the cap on radiator real slow and antifreeze began oozing out quite fast.it is not leakin anywhere except one time the fluid was gushing out of the overflow. i check it everyday and both are fine,the engine itself is not getting hot, but i do notic4e some nois4e from the water pump. how can i be sure the mechanics are right. i can't afford to pay 500.00 for headgaskets or get another engine or car. i've had problems with this nvan since i bought it. it.s all i have. please help nell evans
Previous car:1975 malibu

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September 19, 2012, 6:59 pm  from: bravo khan
the previous engine which was installed on your 1995 dodge caravan was 2507cc and the radiator must be standard according to it. The engine that is installed now is 2972cc, which means more torque and power and more heat. Try to install the radiator which was installed on 1988 dodge caravan engine in your 1995 dodge caravan.

Buy the same radiator which is installed in 1988 dodge caravan and install it in your van. It must have larger capacity.
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